2022 trends: What to expect in fashion, tech and media.

2022 trends: What to expect in fashion, tech and media.

With the clock ticking for Christmas, 2022 is just around the corner. A lot of us are looking for Christmas presents or googling what the hottest trends in fashion, tech, or media are.


Nowadays, life around us changes so fast that we hardly manage to buy the latest fashion trends or the newest iPhone when there are new trends in the market.


Here is a quick guide of some of the freshest trends that will drive everyone crazy in 2022.



With the fashion week behind us, many fashion brands have dictated what to expect in the spring/summer 2022. Some of the fashionistas are already stocking up for the next season. So here is what is worth paying attention to:

  • Channel’s 90s vibe. Channel showcased bikinis inspired by its 90s design that went so viral they were on each and every image-sharing platform as Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and even TikTok.  And of course, all-time favorite mini tweed sets are there too.
  • Massive platforms:  The main advocate of shoes on a massive platform this season was Donatella Versace, who presented especially bright and colorful sandals with huge heels. The designer advises to rely on color and not be shy in choosing shades. However, if you prefer more restrained and neutral things, there are also many options for you - no less successful alternatives can be found at AMI and Giambattista Valli.
  • Bright coats: red, yellow, electric blue, or bright green - these colors will be prevalent in autumn or winter wardrobe. Prada did the best experiments with a rainbow palette - this coat is destined to become the most coveted outerwear of the cold season. Also, look out for options from Balmain and Prada.



Electric cars

2020 was a record year for electric cars as Europe overtook China as the biggest market. When electric cars were newly introduced about a decade ago, there were only 17.000 of them on the road all around the world. Nowadays, it counts to more than 10 million with global sales of electric vehicles increasing by 160% in the first half of 2021 from a year earlier.


With several new models of electric cars coming into the market in 2022, these cars are going to be more cost-efficient, have longer battery life, and better charging infrastructure.



Clear products and well-being trends

The COVID 19 pandemic has forced many of us to look at our own health from new perspectives. With a new virus threatening millions of us, health has become a more tangible and sensitive topic. 


Many of us have taken up new sport habits, others have bought gym memberships, while some of us have made Youtube fitness bloggers wealthier with millions of views. 

People have become more self-aware and the demand for clear products has skyrocketed. The newfound interest in well-being has forced small and big companies to keep up with this new trend. No surprise that many people are willing to pay more for those products that are labeled as clear, green ingredients. 


Private jets

COVID 19 forced a lot of industries to change the way they operated before. No matter if you are a local shop or a private jet company, biosecurity becomes a priority.


Some private jet companies, like YourJets, offer unlimited availability, 24/7 personal assistance, and lower costs. This allows more freedom of movement as well as guaranteed availability over commercial flight during the pandemic.


A regular flyer on a commercial flight will encounter up to 700 points of contact during check-in and security check, while a private jet customer will go through 20 touch points only. This brings to an increase in memberships for a lot of private jet companies.


Travelers all around the world long for flying to new places, accessibility of flights, and perfect service. Private jets are here to provide it all in 2022.