5 Must-Visit Wealthy Cities in Europe

5 Must-Visit Wealthy Cities in Europe

5 Must-Visit Wealthy Cities in Europe


Are you planning to travel this month, to see more, walk the elegant and unique European streets, enjoy cocktails in the most beautiful, rich, and colorful bars, and get acquainted with the extraordinary culture that will lead you to unforgettable memories?

Let's get acquainted with some of the most elegant cities in Europe, as a result of which the inspiration will surely amaze you and you will definitely start a crazy and adventurous journey.


Here are some European cities which are so unique and which are worth seeing this May. 


  1. Milan 


Milan, the wealthiest city in Italy is known for its awe-inspiring fashion industry, for landmarks like Milan Cathedral, La Scala and for its refined and delicious cuisine, is a perfect start for your trip. 

Milan has an ancient city center with high and interesting buildings and palazzos, which is why so many people from all over the world want to see the city of glamour.

Milan has always been a rich city. It is a place full of various famous artists and offers a particular assortment of churches, buildings and monuments.

Milan is also the center of many financial businesses, and its so-called 'hinterland' is an avant-garde industrial area.

Click here to find out the best things to do in Milan. 



  1. Budapest

Looking for an unforgettable experience, full of rich and vibrant lifestyle and photogenic streets?

Hungary’s capital Budapest has a rich history, great food, and fascinating architecture, and it’s an ideal place for party lovers, as it offers vibrant nightlife and many great bars and restaurants. 

Great food, art nouveau-style architecture, and the majestic buildings from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a fascinating Turkish bath culture are only some of the reasons to visit Budapest, also known as the “Pearl of the Danube”.

Budapest is known as a city where nobody ever gets bored. 



  1. Ibiza


The spirited beauty in Spain is where all the fun happens. 

Ibiza marina in Ibiza Town has hundreds of yachts bobbing in the Mediterranean Sea, with a host of restaurants, boutique shops, trendy bars and a variety of hotels overlooking the boats. Head to Carrer Andenes and you’ll find a row of bars and restaurants that make a great place to enjoy a coffee and soak up the Spanish sun.


Beaches, seafood, and hippie markets are amazing daytime adventures. 

Ibiza is where you can party anytime, starting from the sunny day yacht parties to late-night party rocks in the full luxury famous clubs. 

Find the crazy nightlife destinations in Ibiza right here.


  1. Munich 

Bavaria's capital is famed for its beer gardens, festivals, architecture, food, public parks, shopping opportunities, and historical museums.


Munich is a fun-loving city, known for its seasonal festivals and rich cultural calendar, so along with visiting the beautiful churches and outstanding museums and palaces, you should spend some time enjoying life with the locals at a festival, a colorful market.


Munich’s punchline is obviously its fun festivals, get to know the chronology of Munich’s whole year-long fests right here



  1. Madrid

Spain's elegant capital is one not to be missed. Madrid, Spain is a city with everything to offer. Great weather, world-renowned museums, elegant architecture, palaces, beautiful parks to relax in, and not to forget an incredible food scene.


If you want to treat yourself so that you remember your trip to Madrid, spend some hours shopping, and better if it is luxury shopping!


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