Use your time and money productively

Time and Patience are clearly running out. Why don't we use them more productively?


So what can we do to reduce the risk of wasting time?


The question can assume different answers depending on purpose. But whatever our purposes are, the desire to use time productively is common for almost all of us. 


You would neither agree that quite often we are not in charge of using our time, because we have to adjust it with working consequences. But you would also agree that in the case of optimal thinking we can find an optimal option. Let’s observe travelling as a time squeezer. 


According to the International Transport Forum, estimates of the value of reductions in business travel time based on willingness-to-pay are consistently lower than those derived via the formerly widely used cost saving analysis (CSA) approach. This might be interpreted as providing an indication of the size of these positive utility values.So means that now people are more into saving the time than spending money. 




Use the optimal option


If you are a regular traveller the Private Jets perfectly suit your needs  by offering relevant travel solutions, including tailored membership.

There are several reason why Private Jets are the best options for travelling


You are scheduling your time


This is probably the main advantage that Private jets can provide. So you book your flight while having your business meeting, and you can arrive in the airport only 15 minutes before your boarding. Even if your meeting takes a bit longer then you're in charge of rescheduling your flight. 

As a private jet passenger you don't have to share terminals with commercial airline passengers. But they head through dedicated private-jet terminals also called Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). At the FBOs passengers are welcomed by the desk staff. They can grab a coffee,  or a magazine feeling completely comfortable. 



Be more productive 


In order to have your peace for working tasks, you don’t need to take your laptop and go to other places. Private jets also recreate ideal conditions for silence and concentration if it is needed.  Means you can create the same productive home office environment. Btw you can also take your four-legged friend with you. If you are planning to fly on a multi-trip journey for business, you can visit multiple customers on the same day, thus leveraging costs. 


Go where you want


You can fly to over 984 airports in Europe. Private jets can access a high number of airports, many of which are located in remote areas. They are operating in some of the most challenging airports, such as Sion, Salerno, Siena,  Melun, Bayerne etc. 


You travel safe and reliable


If you have some sensitive topic to discuss with your partner then you can be quite confident that a private jet can encourage concentration. So the conditions in private jets are designed in a way that could allow you to avoid intrusive questions from security staff. At the same time you don’t have to station in overcrowded places, that can become a target for terrorist attacks. 


Your impact on economic growth


While you are flying a private jet, you can’t even imagine how much impact could you have by contributing to economic growth. By multiplying networks and connections between territories, the industry plays a strategic role by influencing growth from regions of different socio-economic status. 


PrivateFly’s tech-focussed business means we can work smarter and more flexibly at every step. And we know how essential it is for you to communicate productively and  we are trying to keep updated about every news and way that would work best for you.



So you can request your flight with YourJets, being more productive and using your time sensibly․