Interview with YourJets founder Gurgen Ambaryan

A new generation business founded in Armenia


1.   You won't meet every day a young man who has founded an aviation brokering business.  How was the idea for born? Why was the company established?


Creating YourJets is the first practical step for me to accomplish my childhood dream. It's no secret to those who know me that I've been passionate about airplanes ever since the day I was born. Over the years, my childhood passion for airplanes has developed into a great interest in the aviation business, especially business aviation and aviation management. This predetermined my choice of profession.


2. What is YourJet’s mission, how does it affect the quality of life of people using the service?


As for the goals of our company, I must honestly say that in addition to the clear business component, it has an ideological foundation. In short, our team set a goal to explain to people, to prove in practice, that business aviation or flying on jets can be accessible to many people and it's not just a privilege of celebrities or billionaires.


3. Who are YourJets customers, and in particular what is the aim of using private jets?


The main customers of YourJets are mostly people who know “the value of money”, who understand what's the difference between cost or value: a regular flight does not mean spending too much. There is a misconception that flying on private jets is a matter of status. 


4. What obstacles did you face in setting up your business, how did you manage to overcome them?


The biggest obstacle was overcoming internal sensory barriers. Because aviation, and especially business aviation, is a very responsible sphere, requiring high discipline, organization and special knowledge.

5. Where will you see YourJets in 10 years?


I hope that thanks to the work of our professional team of ideologists, in 10 years our company will prove to hundreds of thousands of people that they can not only benefit, but also use the services of private air carriers.


6. Do you tell others about your plans and goals?


Even though many people advise don’t tell others about your plans, I remain convinced that there are more people in this world who are welcomed with your success․ The only thing we never publish is our clients personal and corporate data.



7. Did you have a mentor who impacted your success?


I was happy to be  surrounded from childhood by people with profound, systematic knowledge, invaluable experience in the field of world aviation. I always had the opportunity to hear his advice and suggestions. And the first critic and supporter of all my endeavors is my father.



8. What would you advise young aspiring entrepreneurs to establish a new business?


As  a young businessman I will share the advice I received from more experienced businessmen: always follow your dream, always act in the legal field by overcoming any obstacle with diligence, perseverance and dedication.