Best destinations in Europe to celebrate Holy Easter

Best destinations in Europe to celebrate Holy Easter

Easter is very nearly upon us. And it is the best time to discover more about one of the most important holidays for the globe’s Christians and not only, because everyone loves this holiday. 


Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is celebrated on the first Sunday after spring’s full moon. This holiday also symbolizes the coming of spring and the awakening of nature, that is why not religious people celebrate this holiday, too. 


In Europe they have the Catholic Easter and the Orthodox Easter.

Catholic church’s Easter this year will be observed on Sunday, April 17. 

Orthodox’s Easter 2022 will be celebrated on April 24th.


While the four-day weekend of Easter is typically celebrated with egg hunts and stacks of sweet treats, many countries have interesting and special rituals that are very fun to include in your upcoming trip.


Let’s learn more interesting facts about this holiday and how people are used to celebrating Easter in different parts of the globe. 




In Germany there are historic Easter traditions that are held during the holiday season. There are events like Easter Bonfires, Goethe’s Easter Walk, Easter Bouquets, Egg hunts, etc. 


The cutest and most interesting activity for spending your holiday in Germany is a family branch. 


From Saturday to Easter Sunday, branches and twigs are piled together to make an enormous bonfire. The Easter fire is meant to symbolically dispel spirits, brushing aside the last traces of winter and bringing spring forth for the celebration of life and birth.


                                  Easter fire in Germany 




French people wish each other “Joyeuses Pâques”.

During Easter week people in France may also attend special church services, eat a festive meal and search for Easter eggs.


Spring is amazing for traveling to France. Meanwhile, Holiday Week is the perfect time for visiting Paris, to enjoy the city of love in the intervals of religious rituals and church celebrations. 


You can use your time to do a little bit of shopping, to walk around to see Notre Dame de Paris, the Arch of Triumph, and drink a glass of red wine in the outdoor cafes. 


Beside Paris you can explore small towns of France during your trip and get to know more conservative activities for Easter celebration.




Positive hustle in Rome during the Holy Week is so cherishing. It’s such a nice occasion to discover the city of echoes. 

Churches in Rome  have their special ceremonies for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, as on Easter Sunday. 

The local food is a great addition to this special period.


You may choose Florence for more interesting religious activities, because in Florence you can take part in Scoppio del carro (Explosion of the Cart) which is very interesting folk tradition.

On Easter Sunday. During the Scoppio del Carro a cart, packed full of fireworks and other pyrotechnics, is lit and provides a historic spectacle in the civic life of the city.



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