Dubai World Cup 2022 - One of the biggest and rich sporting events in the Middle East

Dubai World Cup 2022 - One of the biggest and rich sporting events in the Middle East


Dubai World Cup is a thoroughbred horse race held annually since 1996 and contested at the Meydan Racecourse. 

DWC is a paradise for horse racing fans, horse owners and breeders or just for those who want to have fun and enjoy life.  


One of the biggest and rich sporting events in the Middle East - Dubai World Cup 2022 will take place on March 26. 


Horse racing is called “Sport of Kings”. It is one of the world’s most unique and specific sports, ever. The partnership between horse and jockey, during the extreme ride, allows fans to feel the power of the risk, the adrenaline rush and the dare. 


Now, when the city of lights begins its amazing carnival, let's get to know more about the huge sporting event and go for the real  “firework” feelings.



The Dubai World Cup is rich and fun.


Since its 2019 running, the race has carried a purse of $12 million, regaining its place as the world's richest horse race, a record held by the Pegasus World Cup in 2017 and 2018.


Special and interesting rituals are not missing in DWC, too. 

At the unveiling ceremonies, you see a flawless image. This merry-go-round is celebrated worldwide - European fashion is being watched all over the place, and guests are expected to wear the elegant dress code: strict suits, extravagant coats and stylish hats.

Moreover, to keep visitors engaged between races, there is an event for the ladies and gentlemen to dress up and compete with each other. Over 650 participants compete to win the fancy cash prize. They also choose the owner of the best hat and the most stylish couple of the day.


Get inspired by watching this video about Racing Breaks at the Dubai World Cup:



Gambling is not allowed in the UAE, so fans and media come just for the spectacle of the day, including fireworks, performers and top-tier racing. And even if “being drunk” is illegal in UAE, you can actually drink in any establishment selling alcohol.

Licensed bar and restaurant facilities are available in the Clubhouse and in the Millennium Grandstand. 


The Dubai World Cup isn’t the only race at Meydan on Saturday. The day features nine Thoroughbred races worth $29 million in all.



Click here to know everything about the race program, admission, dining, racing and bookings.


Tickets will go on sale shortly and can be bought at the Meydan Box Office, online and other venues.


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