It doesn't matter how many private jets you take, how much money you make, how famous you get, keep putting in the hours.

Famous people with their Jets


It doesn't matter how many private jets you take, how much money you make, how famous you get, keep putting in the hours.


That’s how the American singer Hasley describes the usefulness of Private Jet. All is about being agile and  timing that is running out in this rapidly changing world.  And it turned out that people who have a private Jet are  mainly focused on timing and productivity by using a private jet.  They are people who are not considering a private jet as a style of sumptuousness but as a necessity of not losing a time  inappropriate. That is what exactly matters of being able to use the jet. 


Neymar - a famous french footballist


Neymar is not only familiar to us as a famous football player. He is well known for having his own private jet as well. He owned his own private jet for 10 euros. His private jet can carry 12 passengers on board, and reaches a top speed of 890 km/h! This makes it easier for him to travel to his family worldwide. 

Kim Kardashian 


 One of the most influential business women Kim Kardashyan also has a private jet. She has been travelling for many years and used to rent private jets to go on vacation. She even has bought her own private jet, with a bedroom and a bathroom, so that she can travel whenever she wants with her whole family. 



Morgan Freeman 


American actor, director and narrator Morgan Freeman’s own jet costs about 8 million dollars. Morgan is also a pilot and it has been once published that he had an accident with his private jet because of a burst tire on takeoff.   

Bill Gates


Bill Gates, the famous founder of Microsoft, is also the proud owner of a private jet. His plane was named “Guilty Pleasure” and estimated at 40 million dollars, and carrying 19 people. It is equipped with a kitchen and a rest area. 


Angelina Jolie 


 A famous actor, business woman, and careerist Angelina Joly bought her first own aircraft in 2005. Being inspired by her son Maddox, the actress has been flying since 2004. 


“Every time Mad sees a plane, he’s amazed,” Jolie said at the time. “If I could actually fly a plane by the time he’s 4, I’ll be like Superman to him.”



Tom Cruise 


According to People Magazine Tom Cruise claims that as a child  he always had a photo of a P-51 Mustang with him and that this was always his favorite aircraft. 

Tom obtained his pilot license in 1994.  He usually flies all his stunts himself  and was spotted in a helicopter during the last shots of Top Gun. 


Harrison Ford 


 Harrison Ford is not only one of the biggest movie stars of ours or anyone’s lifetime, he is also owner of one of the all-time great garages.

Ford started flying in the early 1960s, though he didn’t complete his training until much later because he couldn’t afford the $15-an-hour fees. Finally, aged 53, he got his coveted licence and since then the actor has accumulated thousands of flying miles and a hangar full of aircraft.

Harrison has owned many other propeller-planes, including a Beechcraft, a Grand Caravan and a Pilatus PC-12, but the de Havilland Beaver remains.