Golf, a game of kings that has so far retained its nobility

Golf, the game of kings that has so far retained its nobility

Golf is undeniably one of the most popular sports out there. While it’s debatable whether golf is a rich person’s sport or not, one can understand why it has that reputation.


Before diving deeper into the matter, let’s understand how this popular sport came to be. 


There is a legend about a game of golf. The story tells about how an ordinary shepherd, wandering along the reversed dunes, had nothing to do, so he hit a round stone with a stick and accidentally rolled it into a rabbit hole. Then friends joined him, and they liked this new pastime. Later, the stones were replaced with balls, rabbit holes - with holes, and clubs were used instead of sticks.



It is believed that the game was invented by the Scots. This is due to the fact that the first written mention of the game is assigned to the decree of 1457 by James II of Scotland, banning golf, as he meets archers from training.


For the next centuries, golf became more and more popular. A lot of people were drawn to it. Some for its interesting play, some for details that other sports did not offer.


For instance, golf, as a sport, takes up a lot of time and can be relatively costly compared to something like football or basketball. You can play it for up to 12 hours.


Golf courses are pretty expensive to upkeep, therefore the nicer the course the more expensive it is. Private courses can range from $50 to up to thousands. On top of that, you need to buy clubs (about $400 for a basic beginner set) and balls.



Golf also comes with its own etiquette, which is unofficially accepted to be observed. For example, players should not overtake each other, should not stand close to each other during a shot, and should not advise players from the other team on how to kick the ball.


Golf is also strict about what can be worn on the course. Golf shirts, shorts/slacks are the proper attire for most golf courses which means another cost. As one can see, it all adds up. 


One needs to have some savings to play this game. Probably this is where the reputation of ‘the sport of the rich comes from. 


It’s worth mentioning that golf also has a reputation as a businessperson sport because of its pace. The game of golf and business have long coexisted effectively. A lot of businesspeople have a positive experience of holding business meetings on the field, which later grow into mutually beneficial cooperation. 


So why is it useful to hold business meetings while playing golf? The answer is simple. On average, a round of golf on an 18-hole course lasts 4-5 hours. During this time, you can get to know your opponent (potential partner) in detail. Let’s agree that no meeting in restaurants will give you such an effect.


This is one of the few reasons why golf is so loved by the rich. 


Over the past 150 years, golf has become the favorite pastime of millionaires, combining sport with social status. 


For most of the post-war era in Europe and especially America, golf was an indispensable attribute of male success. It was believed that if you made a million dollars, then you simply had to join a local golf club and occasionally visit it on weekends. There were always enough fans to play around among famous people -Al Capone and Howard Hughes, Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable, Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates, Justin Timberlake and Will Smith - rappers and pop singers, actors and businessmen, politicians and party officials love golf.


It is curious that, according to statistics, about 30-40% of the members of world golf clubs do not play at all, for them being in a club is an image and business communication. No wonder 90% of deals in the West are discussed on the golf course.



This day, golf is not exclusively a rich person’s sport anymore. You can pick up a cheap used set of clubs, go to your local club and you’ll probably not spend too much.


Let’s admit, golf is an incredibly addictive yet entertaining sport to get into. Do you think of giving it a try?