How much luggage does the private jet allow me to take with me?

How much luggage does the private jet allow me to take with me?



Quite often luggage limits can give us a headache while all we want is just to get to our destination. However, if you intend to fly private over commercial, there is an option that will make you happy without worrying about free space for your suitcases. On your private jet flights you will have sufficient space to transfer your luggage.


You will be able to bring with you


  1. Pets (without any extra cost)
  2. Packed liquid
  3. Winter sport equipment
  4. Golf clubs


Luggage Allowance. Light Jet


An average light jet seating is designed for 6-7 passengers and has a capacity of almost 0.75 cubic meters.Passengers will be allowed to take a small bag and one personal item, like a backpack. This is just perfect for short business or weekend family trips. 


Luggage Allowance. Midsize Jet


Midsize Jet is for 8 passengers including 4.25 cubic meters of luggage space. The additional space allowed each person to bring a suitcase up to 23 kg, plus one personal item. The winter sport equipment can be adjusted depending on the number of the passengers. 


Luggage Allowance. Super Midsize Jet


These types of jets designed specifically for 10 people have larger capacity. Each passenger can bring two medium-sized luggage with a backpack. The advantage of this jet is the extra room, where you can situate snowboarding equipment and additional luggage. 




Luggage Allowance. Large Jet


Large Jet has seats for 12-14 passengers and usually has a couch area where you can even find a bedroom which is perfect for long flights. The passengers can bring with them two large scale luggage and items like skis and golf clubs, that can be placed in the hold or in an extra room. 


Is it mandatory to check in your luggage on private Jet flights?


Yes! As on usual commercial flights, in this case also you have to scan your luggage before flight. The only difference is that unlike the commercial flights, there are no lines and you can check your luggage fastly and flawlessly. 


Is it possible to access the luggage from the cabin?


 Yes! You will be able to get your luggage during the flights. This is more likely for large Jets, as there is enough storage for luggage. 


Which kind of jet is relevant for you?


It is completely up to the purpose of your trip. If it is just a short journey with a family or a business trip for two-three days then the light jet would perfectly match you. But if it is a long-haul flight for vacation then either super midsize or large Jets would ideally need you. 


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