Las Fallas Festival. People from over the world come to Valencia to give a wonderful start to Spring

Las Fallas Festival. People from over the world come to Valencia to give a wonderful start to Spring


Las Fallas Festival. People from over the world come to Valencia to give a wonderful start to Spring


We all surely have our traditional way to welcome spring, because spring is another “renaissance” for life. The gloomy winter gives us a light apathy every year and most people wait for the spring to bring back warmth and motivation for living, working, and creating.


The warmest star starts shining brighter and life feels better itself. 


Welcoming spring is a huge ritual for Valencians and they surely know how to do it. 


Las Fallas Festival in Valencia is where you will get to know how to seriously welcome spring and celebrate life. 


The origin of Las Fallas comes from the old carpenter’s tradition who, when celebrating the arrival of spring on 19th March, used to burn pieces of wood that were used to prop up their lights during the winter.


To this bonfire, they gradually started to add old belongings and rags, which gave the wooden structure a human-looking aspect, until they became the ninots that we know today. The Valencian sense of humor soon gave the irony shown in the ninots which is maintained at present.  


The Fallas celebrations have evolved into temporary works of art which, in some cases, cost millions of euros.


La Fallas Festival in Valencia is an entire month of minimal sleep, fireworks, parades, fiestas, amazing giant puppets, incredible bonfires, and lots of special food, of course.


Every year the festival begins on March 15 and lasts five days. Since 2017 Las Fallas has been recognized by UNESCO.


La Fallas is the world's most important pyrotechnic event, that once you’ll experience you’ll surely come back for it, again.       


This European fiesta takes place not only in Valencia but spreads around the neighborhood cities. 


Fallera Week is when Valencia transforms from a quiet city with a population of 800,000 to over two million flame-loving revelers.


During Fallera Week Valencia becomes a paradise for party lovers. Las Fallas gives people both physical and emotional fireworks that are to remember for a lifetime.


Parades, where Valencians put on their festive carnival clothes, are just another story. Valencians do really get serious about their colorful and unique clothes and hairstyles. They parade in the streets of Valencia and it is one of the best parts of the carnival, because people can show off and have fun with strangers.


The Fallas wooden sculptures that are all around the city during the fest are made to empathize with the festive mood of the city, they are giant and impressive. The height of the sculptures can stretch up to 10 to 15  meters. Sculptures are also being paraded around the city until the famous La Crema(the final night of the carnival)



The late-night street disco parties, outdoor concerts, festival delicious Spanish food, and other lookalike adventures in warm and attractive Spain are the other reasons to welcome spring’s arrival, particularly in Valencia.


La Crema


On the night of March 19, on the last day of Las Fallas, Valencia receives an absolutely different mysterious spirit. It is time to say goodbye to the unforgettable fiesta. The city is being surrounded by smoke and ashes of the fired sculptures. 

Valencians say goodbye to La Fallas, humbly waiting for the next year to celebrate the holiday of mystery and fun with the guests of their city, wonderful Valencia.


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