Palma International Boat Show 2022

Palma International Boat Show 2022

In Europe, the boating season is considered open from April 28, this year as the Palma International Boat Show kicks off in sunny and vibrant Palma de Mallorca, in Spain.

Every year, the crazy show brings together yacht lovers, marines, or just the lovers of unique and luxurious pleasures. This refreshing, relaxing, and fun event is aimed to fill your list of hobbies. You definitely shouldn't miss this wonderful annual event for boat lovers.

Grab your luggage, get ready for your unforgettable adventure, but before that get to know more interesting about the boat shows and fun things that you can experience in the sunny city of Palma. 



What should you expect from the boat shows?

Large boat shows often have a number of shows or workshops. From navigation safety sailing to fishing tips for professional fishermen. Each is a great way to relax and learn something new.

Naturally, boats are at the forefront of the participants' interest and their first occupation.

Larger international displays often feature boat exhibits from manufacturers that can be stocked by the factory or local dealers. New boats often debuted during these shows.




Regional and local shows mainly present all the dealers in the area and boat brands. This makes it very easy to compare stores, for example, between all the pontoons offered in your area, ski boats or bass boats, or all dealers offering similar boats. Engine manufacturers will also have demonstrations at larger shows. 


Even if you are not planning to buy a boat this year, the boat show is a fun opportunity to see what is new and trendy, and you may notice a feature or accessory for your boat that interests you.



If you have your own boat, boat shows are a great way to find interesting and unique accessories.

You can compare their styles and make your choice, because a boat show is a perfect place to make a decision in choosing your boat, and professional dealers will surely help you with that.



Palma de Mallorca


One of the warmest cities in the world, Palma de Mallorca, or simply Palma, which is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, is one of the most historic and unique cities in Spain.

Palma, the city of the sun is always ready to host tourists from different parts of the world and satisfy their various interests.


Visit Palma and enjoy the wonderful wine evenings at the seaside, walk around the city center, find luxury restaurants and bars, and enjoy local food in the city’s main commercial street Passeig del Born. 

Have your unforgettable meal in the restaurants that are on the terraces under the trees.

Click here to find out more about interesting activities in Palma. 


Palma International Boat Show

The Palma International Boat Show opens the Mediterranean yachting season. The event will take place at the port of Moll Vell in Palma. Starting from April 28 to May 1st. 


Palma International Boat Show is the opening event of the Mediterranean nautical season and one of the most important shows in the sector. The show decorates the seaside promenade of the city of Palma with over 600 boats, creating an unmissable opportunity for professionals and nautical enthusiasts alike.


The Palma International Boat Show also boasts the Palma Superyacht Village.

Click here to get more information about Palma Superyacht Village.

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