The City of Cinema is Awaiting For You. Festival de Cannes 2022

The City of Cinema is Awaiting For You. Festival de Cannes 2022


Cannes film festival (mostly known as Festival de Cannes) is the biggest and one of the most authoritative film festivals in Europe.

Every real cinéphile is obsessed with knowing the Festival de Cannes’ opinion and what films are nominated or gonna win in the huge film fest.

Let’s get to know more about the 12 days of film fiesta, why it is worth attending and a lot more about the Festival de Cannes.


The city of Cannes itself is a glamorous place with fantastic beaches and many luxurious and fun things to do.

Attending the authoritative festival of films is another great reason to feel the breath of the seaside city’s jumble and excitement. 


Every year the big film fest starts on May 17 and ends on May 28, in Palais des Festivals.

Festival de Cannes brings high-quality authentic films from all around the world and creates a perfect atmosphere of arts and luxury, making its own “great beauty”.


Cannes is unique amongst A-list film festivals in that it's an event largely reserved for film industry professionals and the press. Accreditation, screenings, and entry to official venues are tightly controlled, with the vast majority of the festival off-limits to the general public.



If you’re in the sphere, then you know. Art house cinema, veteran filmmakers, and industry powerhouses are the “art elite” that you will meet in Cannes. 

Cannes Film Festival is also one of the largest media events in the world; different media outlets from more than 75 countries arrive in Cannes to represent the festival.



Things to Know About Festival de Cannes


Every year, the unique event hosts screenings for filmmakers, actors, critics, and industry insiders. Top honors at the festival, the Palme d’Or, are given out by a special jury of internationally recognized filmmakers and critics. And the Film du Marché, an associated film market that was started in conjunction with the festival, is the biggest film industry event every year.


A paradise for film lovers


Although the Festival de Cannes is not open to the public, the city is still a perfect destination for cinéphiles around the world. Parallel screenings that shadow the main festival, known as sidebars, have tickets available for purchase. For those doing business, attending the festival is a must each year.


It’s so luxurious. 


The vibrant spirit of arts is surrounded by Cannes during the Festival de Cannes.

Cannes has 80,000 festival-goers. 4000 journalists cover the event and 230,000 people are present in Cannes (3 times its usual population). 20,000 euros – the value of the Palme d'Or.


The delightful seaside city has a lot of things to do 

While many visit for the annual Cannes Film Festival, there’s plenty to see in this Mediterranean town beyond A-list actors.

There are too many luxurious, gastronomic and cultural activities in Cannes.

  1. Cannes is labeled as the “Sister City of Beverly Hills”, it is where you can find the fanciest shops and
    restaurants on the French Riviera.
  2. The luxurious and chic hotels. The coastal city is famous for regularly hosting some of the most renowned celebrities, rich people, that's why finding a chic hotel is not hard in Cannes.
  3. Yachting. Yachting is a real thing in Cannes, they even have a Yachting Festival that hosts every year an eclectic offer of boats from 3 to 50 meters on water and less than 10 meters ashore. The Yachting Festival is being held in September.
  4. Sailing, local gastronomic tours or just simply walking around the city, checking
    museums and galleries in the warm Cannes․
Prepare your traveling bags, because the sphere’s most popular event in Europe is coming very soon. 


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