The Maldives: paradise on Earth. Why should it be your next travel destination in 2022?

The Maldives: paradise on Earth.  Why should it be your next travel destination in 2022?

We all have this one friend who keeps posting dreamy photos from the Maldives on their Social Media. And don’t tell me you haven’t felt jealous for a split of a second. Everyone has. 


The Maldives, the smallest Asian country, is one of the most beautiful and popular places in the world, and it is not without reason that it is called paradise on earth. Fortunately, vacationing in the Maldives is no longer the domain of the rich - quite the opposite! We attribute this to the presence of direct flights and a huge selection of hotels to satisfy the requirements of any, even the most sophisticated and picky travelers.

Here is just a small part of why the Maldives is worth spending a vacation in.



The Maldives is a round-the-clock destination.


Who doesn’t like to travel to a place where the average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius all year round? This makes the Maldives the ideal destination to have a long-awaited vacation.


Though the year is conventionally divided between a dry season and a rainy season, tourists are present there all day, every day. The rainy season comes with a bonus though – up to 50% reduced hotel prices.



There is always a lot to do.


At first sight, you might think that the Maldives is this heaven on earth where there is nothing to do but eat, pray, love or eat, dive, love.


But don’t be fooled. Along with its luxury service, you can find plenty to do here. If you want to feed the variety of fishes, see stunning underwater landscapes, go night fishing with local fishermen, meditate while diving, watch ships go by, or just go sailing, the Maldives is definitely to your taste.




Honeymoon, Honeymoon. 


Wedding ceremony or a honeymoon in the Maldives: isn’t this what we all dream about?  This is the paradise on earth that romantic newlyweds from all over the world dream of so much!


White sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, flower arches make a magnificent setting for a wedding. For true adventure lovers, there is an option of an underwater ceremony where you can say "Yes" in a round dance of colored fish and beautiful, vibrant corals.


And to help you feel in seventh heaven and make this the most dreamy trip of your life, you can get there by renting a personal jet from Your Jets to fly to the Maldives from anywhere in the world. Their private jets and professional team will turn your trip into real bliss. 




Photos from the internet


With the COVID 19 restrictions easing and travel resuming into the Maldives, our social media is now flooded with gorgeous pictures of friends and strangers enjoying their time in this amazing location. But don’t hurry to get sad. 


In the Maldives, you can have breathtaking pictures that will leave your friends in awe. White sandy beaches, blue and crystal clear lagoons, and picturesque landscapes spellbind not only holidaymakers but social media influencers who like to spice up their Instagram and TikTok with beautiful, mesmerizing content that attracts a lot of users.