The whole luxury comes together in one place. The Elite London 2022

The whole luxury comes together in one place. The Elite London 2022

The whole luxury comes together in one place. The Elite London 2022


Having itchy feet? 

It’s the best time for another experience full of richness and opulence.

We know, you were conscious about a place where luxury rules and has its own great magic.


The Elite London is the most luxurious, prestigious event of the time, where you will meet people who share your interests and appreciate the real elegance and style.

Those who are looking for an unbelievably luxurious event, bringing invigorating inspiration, The Elite London is flawless, takes place on 13th - 14th May 2022, Buckinghamshire



Wycombe Air Park - the host venue is the UK's hub of General Aviation and an important getaway for aircraft owners utilizing the venue for both business and pleasure within the boundaries of London.



What should you expect from the luxurious lifestyle showcase?

✔  +220 lifestyle combined exhibitors 

✔  Wine tasting experience

✔  E. J Churchill clay pigeon shooting

✔  Classic car area

✔  On-site golf driving range 

✔  A range of simulators



The cosmopolitan cultural center of the UK, being absolutely unique with its luxurious activities, now welcomes you in a place where the gleam of abundance can shine brighter than anywhere else. 

Watch The Elite London 2021 inspirational postcard right here.




The Elite London 2022 

What could be more perfect for a luxury lover, whom it is offered to have an unforgettable two-day trip, where his unique interests and hobbies rule, and the interests are shared by the most tasteful and communicative individuals.


The variety of events during this happening is a wonderful stimulus to make new acquaintances and connections, to fill the list of preferences, to be near the most modern and up-to-date style phenomenons and simply be surrounded by experimental, adventurous and beautiful people. 


Private FlyerHarness the benefits of aviation for business or leisure. Experience hands-on a wide selection of corporate & private aircraft.

Supercar Showcase - Pedigree performance and prestige are the key components of this luxury automotive showcase.

British Golf Show - The British Golf Show is set to be the only dedicated Golf Show in the UK in 2022. 

Whether you are new to the game, a seasoned player or looking for a family day out, The British Golf Show will have something for everyone.

The Marine Showcase - Presenting some of the finest names and greatest products from powerboats to luxury motor yachts at the UK's most exciting new luxury brand event.

Luxury Brand Show - To compliment the jet-set lifestyle theme, the Luxury Brand Show will celebrate the luxury lifestyle world by showcasing the finer things in life. Featuring stunning brands from fine art to fashion and luxury gifts to exquisite jewelry, visitors will be treated to a selection from the world's most respected companies and sought after brands.

Shooting & Country Show -  Showcasing a variety of country life brands and shooting experiences in partnership with E.J.Churchill.



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