YourJets is now a WYVERN Broker.

YourJets is now a WYVERN Broker.

YourJets is now a WYVERN Broker.


YourJets is now a member of WYVERN Ltd, the leader and highest standard in aviation safety and risk management. 

Standing firmly for nearly 30 years  WYVERN has become the field’s pioneer and suggests safe and trusted programs that are existential for aviation businesses and organizations.

Leading in the aviation community, WYVERN is implementing programs that lower costs, improve critical safety, and enhance security measures for organizations around the globe.


Becoming a WYVERN broker allows us to receive 


Evidence of Legal Documentation: Verified Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Operations Specifications, including areas of operation and list of key management personnel.


Fleet Data: All aircraft listed on a certified AOC with details including registration number, serial number, age, amenities, seats available, base of operations, and insurance coverage.


Pilot Crew Qualifications: List of all pilots with training dates, flight experience, verified license and medical certificates, and background checks that reveal any accident/incident data or enforcement actions by the regulatory authorities.


AID and EIS Records: Accident/Incident Data (AID) records and Enforcement Information Systems (EIS) records for viewing in one simple interface.


WYVERN Broker Membership, <>


Being enrolled as a WYVERN Certified Broker now we can measure our abilities, qualities and advantages by the professionals. 



YourJets team is very thankful and happy for this memorable and important cooperation occasion. 

Learn more about WYVERN Ltd right here.